Help an addict find hope

We’re on a mission to improve 100,000,000 lives - and we need your help.

Addictions are born in isolation. The Pillrs community sends instantaneous, anonymous encouragement to addicts right when they need it most. If you can text “Great job!” you can really help someone. For volunteers and addicts too.

Good people helping people in need

We're slowly growing our community of volunteers and addicts, will you join us?

How it works

Addict texts Pillrs for support

Our addicts send us a text message with something to celebrate, such as how long they've been sober, at a specifically targeted time.

You text back encouragement

We'll anonymize and send you the message. You reply (when possible) with encouragement. A simple “Congratulations!” could prevent a relapse.

Join the 100 million mission and help improve 100 million lives

The power of good people doing good deeds has sparked global movements, changing laws, redirecting countries, and improving global wellbeing. We believe that small, positive actions from large groups of people can compound into life-saving impact.

Pillrs is the start of that movement. An uplifting, encouraging community of volunteers and addicts who want to make a difference. A community that wants to help people - and wants a small effort to make a huge impact.

We’re calling on the pillars of community: volunteers, pastors, teachers, friends, and people who give a damn to stand up, to fight the trends of behavioral and substance addictions, and to make a real, lasting difference.

Will you join us?

An encouraging text with huge impact

We believe in high leverage impact. Addictions are born in isolation and die in community. For example, over 95% of heavy heroin addicts that fought in the Vietnam war stopped cold-turkey once reunited with their friends and families.

A single text message, right when an addict needs it most, could be the difference between life-ending relapse and a great day of sobriety.

Where else could you potentially save a life just by texting “I’m proud of you”? Now that’s impact at scale.

I want to make a difference!

We’re thrilled to have you! Due to demand we’re slowly letting on new users as we scale our services. Please pre-register and we’ll let you in as soon as possible.

And thank you. Thank you for being a good human who wants to make a real difference in the world.

~Team Pillrs